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Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism

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A Persian Mosaic, Aghaei, Behrad (editor), Khorrami, Mohammad Mehdi (editor), Ghanoonparvar, M.R. (Honoree)
1 Aghaei, Behrad (editor), Khorrami, Mohammad Mehdi (editor), Ghanoonparvar, M.R. (Honoree) A Persian Mosaic
Bethesda, MD Ibex Publishers 2016 1588141349 / 9781588141347 Hardcover English 232 6 x 9 inches 
CONTENTS Editors’ Foreword M.R. Ghanoonparvar: A Selected Bibliography The Liminal World of The Blind Owl by Mardin Aminpour The Pre-Islamic Past in Modern Iranian Culture: A Cultural Materialist Reading by Mahyar Entezari Mapping Dystopia in Ebrahim Golestan’s Mud Brick and Mirror by Somy Kim “As Fellow Asians?” Irano-Japanese Relations in the Interwar Period by Mikiya Koyagi Shah Isma’il Comes to Herat: An Anecdote from Vasefi’s “Amazing Events” (Badayi’ al-Vaqayi’) by Azfar Moin Enlightenment and Shades of Gray: Magic Realism in Women without Men by Dylan Oehler-Stricklin Remembrance, Reflection, and Retention: Involuntary Memory in Ayenehha-ye Dardar by Farkhondeh Shayesteh The Documentary Moment: War and Viewer Subjectivity in Bahman Ghobadi’s Turtles Can Fly by Blake Atwood Teaching Culture in the Persian Language Classroom by Shahla Adel Indefinite/Restrictive Maker as Evidence for a Raising/Promotion Analysis of Persian Restrictive Relative Clauses by Behrad Aghaei The Contributors EDITORS Behrad Aghaei holds a doctorate degree in Theoretical Linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin. At present, he is a lecturer of Persian language in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In addition to teaching Persian language from elementary to advanced levels, he is conducting research on Persian syntax and morphology. He has recently co-edited (with M. R. Ghanoonparvar) Iranian Languages and Culture, Essays in Honor of Gernot Ludwig Windfuhr published by Mazda Publishers in 2012. He is also the co-author of Persian Listening with R. Saraf, M.C. Hillmann and A. A. Pejman Aryan, published by Dunwoody Press in 2008. Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami is Professor of Persian language and literature at NYU. His research field is contemporary Persian fiction. His forthcoming book, Literary Subterfuge and Contemporary Persian Fiction: Who Writes Iran, focuses on identifying classical and modern rhetorical and aesthetic dynamisms and their functions in forming literary discourses. His publications include Modern Reflections of Classical Traditions in Persian Fiction (2003). He has translated and edited Sohrab’s Wars: Counter-Discourses of Contemporary Persian Fiction: A Collection of Short Stories and a Film Script (2008). He is also the co-editor and co-translator of A Feast in the Mirror: A Collection of Short Stories by Iranian Women (2000) and Another Sea, Another Shore: Persian Stories of Migration (2003) and volume three of The History of Afghanistan (2013). 
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Collected Articles of Badri Atabai, Atabai, Badri
2 Atabai, Badri Collected Articles of Badri Atabai
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 1997 0936347732 / 9780936347738 Softcover Persian (Farsi) 280 6 x 9 inches 

Price: 20.00 USD
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Atheism in the Medieval Islamic and European World, Azinfar, Fatemeh
3 Azinfar, Fatemeh Atheism in the Medieval Islamic and European World
2008 1588140512 / 9781588140517 Hardcover English 271 The Influence of Persian and Arabic Ideas of Doubt and Skepticism on Medieval European Literary Thought 

Price: 80.00 USD
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A Literary History of Persia (Four volume Set), Browne, Edward G.
4 Browne, Edward G. A Literary History of Persia (Four volume Set)
Bethesda, MD Ibex Publishers 093634766X / 9780936347660 Hardcover English 5½ x 8½ inches 


The classic work on the subject, A Literary History of Persia is still the standard work in the English language on the history of Persia and Persian literature. It spans four volumes (2,256 pages) and took about twenty-five years to write. Although it concentrates on Persian literature, it also surveys all aspects of Persian culture from Iranian pre-history to the twentieth century.

This edition is bound in a reinforced cloth cover in four volumes as in the original edition. Professor J.T.P De Bruijn of the University of Leiden has written a new introduction.

The remarkable freshness and liveliness of Browne’s prose will astonish readers. In addition to being a work of reference it is a book which may be read strictly for pleasure. J.T.P. De Bruijn’s new introduction surveys the history, significance and continued value of the work.

The Volumes are:

I: Persian literature from the beginning to Ferdowsi (1000 A.D.). 
II: Two; From Ferdowsi to Saadi (1000-1290). 
III: Three; The Tartar Dominion (1265-1502). 
IV: Four, Modern Times (1500-1924).


… this work … could in the eyes of the Anglo-Saxon world with full right be judged and evaluated as a standard work.

— Franz Babinger

One feature of his work that has definitely withstood the test of time remains to be mentioned: the translations. A Literary History of Persia abounds with specimens of his great skill in rendering Persian poetry into English verse which, though marked by the translator’s period in style and wording, are still extremely readable and provide as true an impression of the originals as this is possible at all. By this he has best succeeded in the ultimate aim of his lifework: to act as an intermediary between the great culture of Persia and a modern readership.

— H.T.P De Bruijn (from the introduction)



Volume One: Persian Literature from the Beginning to Ferdowsi (1000 A.D.). 


Book I: On the Origins and General History of the People, Languages, and Literatures of Persia 
I. Introductory 
II. The Discovery and Interpretation of the Inscriptions and Documents of Ancient Persia, With Other Philological Matter 
III. The Pre-Muhammadan Literature of the Persians, With Some Account of Their 
Legendary History, As Set Forth In the Book of the Kings 

Book II: On the History of Persia From the Rise of the Sasanian to the Fall of the Umayyad Dynasty (A.D. 226-750.) 
IV. The Sasanian Period (A.D. 226-652) 
V. The Arab Invasion 
VI. The Umayyad Period (A.D. 661-749) 

Book III: On the Early `Abbasid Period, or Golden Age of Islam 
VII. General Characteristics of the Golden Age of Islam (A.D. 749-847) From the Accession of As-Saffah to the Death of Al-Wathiq 
VIII. The Developments of Religion and Philosophy In the Golden Age of Islam 
IX. The Great Persian Heresiarchs of This Period

Book IV: On the First Period of the Decline of the Caliphate, From the Accession of Al-Mutawakkil to the Accession of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna (A.D. 850-1000) 
X. The General Phenomena of the First Period of the Decline of the Caliphate (A.D. 847-1000), From the Accession of Al-Mutawakkil to the Accession of Mahmud of Ghazna 
XI. The State of Muslim Literature and Science At the Beginning of the Ghaznawi Period 
XII. Religious Movements of This Period I. The Isma`ilis and Carmathians, or the "Sect of the Seven" 
XIII. Religious Movements of This Period II. The Sufi Mysticism 
XIV. The Literature of Persia During this Period


Volume Two: From Ferdowsi to Saadi (1000-1290)

Retrospective and Introductory 
The Ghaznawi Period, Until the Death of Sultan Mahmud 
The Early Seljuq Period, From the Rise of Tughril Beg Till the Death of Malikshah, Including the Origin of the Order of the Assassins 
The Literature of the Early Seljuq Period: 
The Nidhamu'l-Mulk and His Contemporaries 
The Period of Sanjar and His Brothers 
The Four Great Poets of the Late Twelfth Century, Anwari, Khaqani, Nidhami of Ganja, And Dhahir of Faryab 
The Empire of Khwarazm and the Mongol Invasion, Until the Fall of Baghdad and the Extinction of the Caliphate 
Writers of the Earlier Mongol Period Faridu'd-Din Attar, Jalalu'd-Din Rumi, and Sa'di, and Some Lesser Poets of This Period


Volume Three: The Tartar Dominion (1265-1502)


Book I The Mongol Il-Khans of Persia, From the Death of Hulagu to the Extinction of the Dynasty (A H 663-737 = A D 1265-1337)
I The Mongol Il- Khans of Persia (A D 1265-1337)
II The Historians of the Il-Khani Period
III The Poets and Mystics of the Il- Khanid Period

Book II From the Birth to the Death of Timur-I-Lang, Commonly Called Tamerlane (A H 736-807=A D 1335-1405)
IV The Period of Timur
V The Poets and Writers of the Time of Timur

Book III From the Death of Timur to the Rise of the Safawi Dynasty (A H 807-907= A D 1405-1502)
VI History of the Later Timurid Period
VII Prose Writers of the Later Timurid Period
VIII Poets of the Later Timurid Period


Volume Four Modern Times (1500-1924)


Part I An Outline of Persian History During the Last Four Centuries
I. Some General Considerations On the Safawi Dynasty.
II. The Creation of the Safawi Power to 930/1524. Shah Isma'il and His Ancestors
III. Culmination and Decline of the Safawi Power, From Shah Tahmasp (A.D. 1524-1576) to Shah Husayn (A.D. 1694-1722)
IV. An Outline of the History of Persia During the Last Two Centuries (A.D. 1722-1922)

Part II Persian Verse During the Last Four Centuries
V. Some General Considerations On the Later and Especially the Religious Poetry of the Persians
VI. Poets of the Classical Tradition. Pre-Qajar Period (A.D. 1500-1800)
VII. Poets of the Qajar Period

Part III Persian Prose During the Last Four Centuries
VIII. The Orthodox Shi'a Faith and Its Exponents, the Mujtahids and Mullas
IX. Prose Writers Until A.D. 1850
X. The Most Modern Developments (A.D. 1850 Onwards)



EDWARD GRANVILLE BROWNE (1862-1926) needs no introduction to those interested in Iran, Persian literature, Iranian history, Babism, Baha'ism or Sufism. He taught at Cambridge University and may be considered as the creator of what is now known as Iranian studies. A Literary History of Persia is his most important work.

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100 Year Old Child, Elahi, Sadreddin
5 Elahi, Sadreddin 100 Year Old Child
United States 2016 1532312482 / 9781532312489 صدرالدین الهی Softcover Persian 434 6 x 9 inches طفل صدساله ای به نام شعرنو 
کتاب«طفل صدساله ای به نام شعرنو»،گفت و گوی دکترصدرالدین الهی باشاعربزرگ ایران،نادرنادرپوراست.این گفت وگو مصاحبهء مکتوب ومفصّلی است که بیش از یک سال(ازخردادماه1371 تا آبان ماه1372)بین دکترالهی و نادرنادرپور جریان داشته ومتن آن هرهفته درنشریهء معروف روزگارنوِ اسماعیل پوروالی درپاریس منتشر شد و موردتوجهء صاحب نظران قرارگرفته بود واینک متن کامل آن باویراستاری دکترمحمدحسین مصطفوی(یکی ازدوستان وهمکاران نزدیک نادرپوردربرنامه های«گروه ادب امروز»دررادیوتلویزیون ایران)انتشاریافته است.«طفل صدساله…»نوعی تاریخ فشردهء شعرمعاصراست و کم وکیف مباحث آن،بی تردیدبه غنای مباحث مربوط به شعرامروزایران می افزاید. 
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6 Ghani, Dr. Ghassem Namehaye Dr. Ghassem Ghani
Iran Vahid 1318 Paperback Persian (Farsi) 411 

Price: 42.00 USD
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7 Ghazvini, Mohammad Yaddashthaye Ghazvini.Koosh esh Iraj Afshar. dar 10 Jeld
Iran Elmi 1358 Hardcover Persian (Farsi) 8 vols. 

Price: 40.00 USD
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An Iranian in 19th Century Europe, Haj Sayyah
8 Haj Sayyah An Iranian in 19th Century Europe
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 2003 0936347937 / 9780936347936 Hardcover English 379 6 x 9 inches The Travel Diaries of Haj Sayyah 

Price: 60.00 USD
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9 Hedaiat, Rezagholi Khan- Kooshesh Mazaher Mossafa Majmoelfossaha
Iran Amir Kabir 1336 Hardback, 6 vl Persian (Farsi) 3190 

Price: 595.00 USD
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From Durham to Tehran (hardcover), Hillmann, Michael C.
10 Hillmann, Michael C. From Durham to Tehran (hardcover)
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 1991 093634718X / 9780936347189 Hardcover English 128 5½ x 8½ inches 

Price: 44.00 USD
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From Durham to Tehran (softcover), Hillmann, Michael C.
11 Hillmann, Michael C. From Durham to Tehran (softcover)
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 1991 0936347198 / 9780936347196 Softcover English 128 5½ x 8½ inches 

Price: 45.00 USD
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12 Kalantari, Parviz Nicheh Nah, Faghat Begoo Mashde Esmaeil
Tehran Ketab Roshan 1383 Paperback Persian (Farsi) 273 

Price: 27.00 USD
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Modern Persian Prose Literature, Kamshad, Hasan
13 Kamshad, Hasan Modern Persian Prose Literature
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 2001 0936347724 / 9780936347721 Softcover English 242 5½ x 8½ inches 

Price: 33.00 USD
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Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan, Kasravi, Ahmad
14 Kasravi, Ahmad Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 1993, 2016 0-936347-31-8 احمد کسروی Softcover Persian (Farsi) 5½ x 8½ inches آذری یا زبان باستان آذربایجان 

Price: 26.00 USD
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Modern Persian Poetry, Kianush, Mahmoud
15 Kianush, Mahmoud Modern Persian Poetry
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 1996 1873468350 / 9781873468357 Softcover English 

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16 Mohammad Ufi, Mohammad Abassi Tazkereh Lobabol Albab Mohammad Ufi
Iran Fakhr Razi 1361 Hardcover Persian (Farsi) 1035 Az Rooye Chap Profossor Broan Ba Moghadameh Va Talighat Alameh Ghazvini va Tahghighat Saeid Nafissi 

Price: 135.00 USD
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17 Nassri, Abdollah Karnameh Dr. Moin
Iran 1364 Paperback Persian (Farsi) 287 

Price: 40.00 USD
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A History of Literary Criticism in Iran, 1866-1951, Parsinejad, Iraj
18 Parsinejad, Iraj A History of Literary Criticism in Iran, 1866-1951
Bethesda, Maryland Ibex Publishers 2002 1588140164 / 9781588140166 Hardcover English 6 x 9 inches The Lives and Works of Akhundzadeh, Kermani, Malkom Khan, Talebof, Maraghe'I , Kasravi and Hedayat 

Price: 98.00 USD
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19 Peier Hanri Symon Gavahan Adami, Kavoshi Dar Andisheh Va Assar Haft Tan Az Bozorgtarin Nevisandegan Gharn 20 Farance
2010 Lotfalyan Ardeshir Paperback Persian (Farsi) 192 

Price: 14.00 USD
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20 Ravayat Abootaher Mohammad Ebn Hassan Ebn Ali Ebn Moossa Altarsoussi. Dar Gharn 6 Hejri- Bekooshesh Zabihollah Safa- dar 2 jeld Darabnameh Tarsoosi- dar 2 Jeld
Iran Tarjomeh Va Nashre Ketaf 2536 Hardback, 2 Jeld Persian (Farsi) 1155 

Price: 205.00 USD
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