From Misery Alley to Missouri Valley

By: Reza Varjavand

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Witness a remarkable journey From Misery Alley to Missouri Valley as author Reza Varjavand brings us along this captivating memoir containing delightful collections of informative and witty stories of his life. This compelling read reflects a wide range of issues − Iranian culture, American culture, Islam, relationships, parenting, stereotyping, discrimination, and transitioning from culture to culture. It narrates heartwarming and touching events on how a poor rural Iranian boy with illiterate parents defies the odds by becoming a successful Economics professor in Chicago. From humble beginnings as a farmerÆs son to an idealist college student at Tehran University to working odd jobs in the US to a successful professor, Varjavand clearly teaches us what it means to struggle and prevail. Fluently written and easy to read, this illuminating, interesting, thought-provoking yet humor-filled memoir also demonstrates the contrast between life in Iran and life in America. From Misery Alley to MissouriValley is a definite must-read for all who love this country.

Title: From Misery Alley to Missouri Valley

Author: Reza Varjavand

Illustrator: My Life Stories and More

Categories: Memoirs & Biography,

Publisher: 2009

ISBN: 1441526749

ISBN 13: 978-1-4415-2674-8

Binding: Softcover

Language: English

Pages: 202

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Catalog #: 9781441526748