Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan

By: Nabarz, Payam

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A divine comedy that both enlightens you and has you rolling on floor with laughter. If you enjoy works of Terry Pratchett, Mighty Boosh or Mulla Nasreddin, this tale of the magical journeys of a Neophyte called Corax, and his initiator Goddess Morrigan is for you. The Celtic Goddess Morrigan is the Goddess of war, death, rebirth, change, and justice. This is far more than Corax expected at his initiation! Content:Act I:Lammas.Act II:Autumn Equinox. Act III:Samhain.Act IV:Winter Solstice-Alban Arthan:birth of the sun. Act V:A Kali Puja:a magickal workshop. Act VI:Imbolc. Act VII:Dance of Death. Act VIII:Beltane 4play. Act IX:An eclectic pagan's near-death experience. Act X:Beltane. Act XI:Justice for RollRight Stone Circle. Act XII:Living like the pagan ancestors. Act XIII:Towers of Silence. Act XIV:Magi's gifts. From author of 'The Mysteries of Mithras:The Pagan Belief That Shaped the Christian World' & 'The Persian Mar Nameh:The Zoroastrian Book of the Snake Omens & Calendar'.

Title: Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan

Author: Nabarz, Payam

Categories: Religion & Philosophy,

ISBN: 095568580X

ISBN 13: 978-0955685804

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 64

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