Malakut and Other Stories by Bahram Sadeqi

A man who doesnÆt recognize his own face, an aristocrat who keeps his amputated limbs in jars on the shelf, an infant that commits suicide, a cat that is secretly writing a novel, a rooster that rebels against fateùthose are some of the characters that make Bahram SadeqiÆs stories intriguing, incomparable and inimitable. Sadeqi is an original story-teller who depicts familiar facts and mundane realities in such a way that shocks us to the core and makes us call everything into question. With a subtle irony reminiscent of Poe, Kafka and Marquez, he engages us in an intricate quest to explore the meaning of life, death and the cosmos. Considering the slight body of work Sadeqi left behind after his untimely death, one cannot help but be struck by the impact his work has had on Persian literature nevertheless. Sadeqi consistently transgressed established literary ideologies with an easy confidence, pioneering an entirely new style of literature and presenting his own unique perspective on the human condition. His presence in contemporary Persian prose fiction was like that of a lone meteorite: appearing in a blinding flash, instantly yet fleetingly illuminating its surroundings, then abruptly fading into the darkness, leaving only a completely original, overwhelming and fantastic trail, the remainder of something singularly magnificent that we cannot hope to ever see repeated. Ever since he first published his stories in literary journals as a young writer, SadeqiÆs works have been widely reprinted, finding vast audiences among each new generation of Iranians. Malakut and Other Stories by Bahram Sadeqi contains some of SadeqiÆs best short stories, as well as Malakut, his magnum opus, a novella that took everyone by surprise in the 1960s, still fascinating readers and critics alike.

Title: Malakut and Other Stories by Bahram Sadeqi

Author: Sadeqi, Bahram (author) Basmenji, Kaveh (translator and introduction) Yarshater, Ehsan (foreword)

Categories: Literary Criticism, Persian Literature -- in English, Ibex Publications,

Author (Persian): Basmenji, Kaveh

Publisher: Bethesda, Ibex Publishers: 2012

ISBN: 1588140849

ISBN 13: 978-1-58814-084-5

Binding: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 292

Trim: 5½ x 8½ inches

lbs: 1.00 lbs

Catalog #: 9781588140845

Keywords: Sadeqi, Sadeghi, Sadiqi bahram Basemnji Kaveh