Uprising:A History of the Attempted Nojeh Coup D'Etat

By: Bani-Ameri, Colonel Mohammad Bagher

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کتابی که نسل جوان ایران باید بخواند تا از تالش و از جانگذشتگی میهن پرستان کشورش برای رهایی از استبداد حاکم بر ایران عزیز آگاه و به آن افتخار کند. چگونگی طرح قیام - عوامل تشکیل دهنده و اجرای آن - اهداف نظامی و سیاسی قیام - نقش نیروهای مخالف رژیم در برنامه ریزی - دروغهای رژیم در مورد قیام و منبع واقعی لو رفتن آن، همراه با یادواره جانباختگان قیام.
On July 9 of 1980, several hundred nationalist Iranian high ranking officers and paratroopers made their way to the Nojeh air-force base near the city of Hamadan to attempt a military revolt against Iran’s newly established Islamic Republic. The Iranian government had been informed about the coup, and many of the officers were arrested as they arrived at the base. This became known as the Nojeh coup. The plotters were put on trial, and many of them were executed. Now, in this book, Colonel Mohammad Baqer Bani-Ameri, one of the architects of the coup, reveals the inside story of the affair. Bani-Ameri, who is battling cancer, wanted future generations to know how heroically a group of patriotic soldiers fought the rule of the current religious dictatorship in Iran, sacrificing their precious lives.

Title: Uprising:A History of the Attempted Nojeh Coup D'Etat

Author: Bani-Ameri, Colonel Mohammad Bagher

Author (Persian): سرهنگ محمد باقر بنی عامری

ISBN: 1872302270

ISBN-13: 9781872302270

Title (Persian): نقاب: قیام ۱۸ تیر نقاب (نوژه)

Location Published: London, Satrap: 2015

Binding: Softcover

Language: Persian (Farsi)

Jacket Condition: 406

Note: Ghiyam 18 Tir Neghab (Nojeh)

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